Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pedestrian Safely on County Road 27 - Palisade Avenue

June 29, 2010

Bergen County Executive
Dennic McBerney
One Bergen County Plaza
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Dear Sir,

I recently wrote your office regarding Palisade Avenue asking if it is a County Road and if your office can assist my community, the Borough of Cliffside Park in the painting of the wide ladder and or zebra crosswalks on the County Road.

A few years back I was successful in getting the Intersection of Day Avenue painted, if you visit their today you will see the older wide crosswalks, repainted with the same thin parallel lines, as if why newer lines weren't needed and or forgot why the newer lines were added, hence I'm now having to start the requesting process again.

Sir, my recent post refers to the State's new law on Crosswalk, I'm asking your office to come out, take a drive or a walk and see for yourself the need, and the consistency in maintaining all crosswalks thare are near schools, Muncical building, the town Library, the town's Senior Center, in short the intersection of Gorge Road and Palisage Ave and Edgewater Roads, this is just one example.

I see your office oversee's a County Department of Public Works (201-336-6800) is this the department responsible for addressing my letter today and if so can you please take the necessary steps to get the newer zebra or ladder crosswalks, that the new law enacted this year in New Jersey into our community.

Thank You for your attention to this matter.


Stephen A. Puibello,
Founder Friends and Neighbors of theBack Bay NAG.
Neighborhood Action GroupCommunity Activist since 1996
email: Stephen@Backbaynag.org

CC: Mayor Gerald A. Calabrese, Cliffside Park
Councilman Bernard J. Fontana, Cliffside Park
Ms. Teddy Weinman, Executive Staff Assistant
to County Executive's Office

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Seniors and Students

I like the new law, two of my family members are seniors and the time alloted to cross isn't long enough as to many times they are still in the roadway.
Above you will see six examples of crosswalks. Going left to right I ask our local Mayors to please have their DPW, Department of Public Works paint either diagram 3, 5 or 6 which show wide crosswalks near all Senior Centers, Schools, Municipal buildings, Public Libraries and Parks, especially in communities that have County roads.
A perfect example is at the intersection of Palisade Avenue and Gorge Road in Cliffside Park, it has all of the above at one intersection.