Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Public and Private Driveway Ordinances

Today I'm blogging about both public and private driveways in our neighborhood of Cliffside Park, especially on Gorge Road, Anderson Avenue and Palisade Avenue's, and especially in the neighborhood that are zoned as multidwelling properties.

The problem is parking in the older neighborhood of town that have single driveways. Residents that have garage doors are lucky in that they have signage that educates or reminds motorists, as the signs say, "do not block the driveway." These signs can be purchased at hardware stores and hung without the need of an ordinance.

If you have no garage door to hang a sign, you presently are out of luck and left to telephone the police department who looks up the license plate # of a vehicle blocking a driveway, and if lucky the owner moves his car. If not towing is involved and you are inconvenienced during the process. Our police take this serious, respond promptly and do their best, thank you.

Is this fair, if you are coming from a supermarket with a trunk load of groceries, or just finished your morning routine and are on your way to work, or possible heading out to the doctors office or local hospital?

The mission statement of this site is, " As a community think tank, we analyze existing programs that are in the public eye, research what other cities and towns are doing, solicit community feedback, then share our findings so that friends and neighbors can discuss, build upon, and hopefully incorporate these new ideas back into their neighborhoods."

We aren't the only neighborhood in this Country or within the State of New Jersey with this problem. Drive through neighborhoods like North Bergen or Weehawken or Maplewood. There could be others, but three is plenty to point out as they addressed the problem, wrote new ordinances and lines and or yellow curbs have been implemented.

Sticking with my mission statement I'm hoping our elected officials look at these communities, as the framework for writing our own ordinance exist. Ordinances are laws that are written against the State of New Jersey's Constitution, so if muncipalitites within a state are doing something that yours isn't, then hopefully through lobbying efforts, letters and phone calls, what politicians refer to as "contintuent services," the issue like this one will happen.

How many times do you listen to the news and feel helpless in that you can't do anything at the Federal or State level, it is frustrating I've been there. But I have also been at the local level of Government, lobbying, wearing three hats, taxpayer, freelance writer and community activist.

Maybe instead of five feet, one foot left and right of both public and private driveways can be painted. Or we could paint white lines that designate both driveways and parking spaces, these are measured out parking spaces, plus they have a residental parking permit program.

Local officials are our neighbors, reside in the same town, may worship in your church, shop in the same supermarket, my point is they want to help, but they can't be everywhere all the time, they need our assistance. When talking to them treat them the same way you like to be treated, with respect. The job they provide is a vital one and I thank all of them who step up and take on the responsibilties.

I'm leaving my personal blogs open for discussion, please add your comments and suggestions, possible in your travels you've seen similar markings or others. To do nothing is wrong, to address this is right.

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