Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On Top of the Palisades

March 27, 2012

Honorable Mayor Gerald A. Calabrese

Borough of Cliffside Park

525 Palisade Avenue

Cliffside Park, NJ 07010

Re: Sercan Zoklu, Borough Clerk

Dear Mayor,

Today's thank you is long over do, and it goes to our Borough Clerk Sercan Zoklu for his assistance last year in regards to Pedestrian Safety which is in the news again, this time from our neighbors to the North in Fort Lee. It's nice to see motorist stopping for pedestrians all over Cliffside Park, especially where the cones and signs stating the State's new law, regarding motorists stopping while Pedestrians are in the very visible widely painted crosswalks through out the Borough.

Next issue which I've been working with Sercan as the Back Bay NAG, Community Activist is the replacement of the Welcome to the Borough of Cliffside Park, Located on top of the Palisades. In tribute to you Mr. Mayor I feel all signs should add, Home of New Jersey's longest Elected Mayor of the State of New Jersey.

The picture above is just one of the Welcoming Signs located in the South Side of Cliffside Park, since the the one at the true border of North Bergen our neighbor to the South was knocked down, Sercan has been working to have it replaced.

Thanks to Sercan, to our Mayor and Councilmen and Councilwomen for their continued work for all residents of both Cliffside Park North and South, often referred to as the South side.


Stephen A. Puibello
Founder Friends and Neighbors of Back Bay NAG
Neighborhood Action Group Community Activist since 1996

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Fort Lee Chief of Police Proactive on Pedestrian Safety

Chief of Police
Thomas O. Ripoli
1327 16th St.
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

Dear Chief,

I didn't see the article about pedestrian safety in the paper, I saw it on the door at the Dunkin Donuts at the intersection of Route 5 and Anderson avenue, thank you for your pro active stance on Pedestrian Safety.

These past few evenings I've been walking up Gorge Road onto Anderson Avenue through Cliffside Park, heading past Winston Towers towards Fort Lee. I must say I didn't feel safe (as I'm a community activistbig on pedestrian safety), at the intersection Anderson Avenue and Columbia Avenue. The intersection had an island down the center with traffic at the intersection turning left and right onto Anderson Avenue, with many cars doing just that while I was in the crosswalk. May I suggest a few of Cars Must Stop when Pedestrians are in the crosswalk and adding a few more seconds to the timing of the traffic light.

I thank you for being pro active and urge other local Boroughs to be as proactive by asking folks to contact you.

From the article I Googled before writing this post, "http://www.cliffviewpilot.com/editorial/3448-fort-lee-chief-ripoli-urges-pedestrian-safety "

"If there are any intersections that raise a public concern (such as dimly lit or potentially dangerous intersections) please contact our traffic division at 201-592-3515. The Fort Lee Police Department will work with the County and State Agencies in order to rectify any problems. As always, the safety of our residents is the Police Department’s primary concern. Please stay safe and stay aware."

I'd like to add the Cliffside Park Police Department phone number 201-945-3600 as ask readers to do the same as above regarding "any intersections that raise a public concern."

Thank you Chief Ripoli and all members of the law enforcement officers in Fort and my town of Cliffside Park.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bus stop added to Ferry Route, Cliffside Park Citizen


Response to the Editor of the Cliffside Park Citizen, March 9, 2012

Dear Editor,

I'd like to thank his Honor the Mayor for responding to the "interest expressed by Cliffside Park residents who commute to New York City. I'd ask that he go one step further and reach out to the Mayor of North Bergen which borders the South Side of Cliffside Park. NY Waterway's original free shuttle continues to pick up residents of the South side who walk as far as Walker Street to Woodcliff Avenue that runs along Boulevard East. Expanding the route would benefit property owners who rent their properties as well as the numerous new condos built below Walker Street by offering residents of the South Side who commute into NYC another alternate mode of Transportation.

I suggest two routes to better serve all residents. Have the North Route at the top of route 5 turn onto Palisade Avenue, proceed to the turn onto Gorge Road, throw the Town Center on Anderson then right towards route 5 to the Edgewater Ferry. The second route from Woodcliff Avenue along Hudson County Park would turn onto Palisade Avenue to Edgewater Road, and then down Gorge Road on the very over-crowded 156 R and 159 R (express buses) that originate in Englewood Cliffs. Cliffside Residents Mayor stand as there are no seats, or worse the bus drives past them with their signs reading bus full.

Thank you Mayor Calabrese for reading this, as the State of New Jerseys longest elected Mayor, my Mayor I thank you for your attention on my letter to the Editor and it's readers of the Cliffside Park Citizen..

God Bless America

Stephen A. Puibello,
Founder Friends and Neighbors of theBack Bay NAG
Neighborhood Action Group
Community Activist since 1996