Sunday, July 15, 2012

It's Required by the Law, subject to fine or imprisonment

The mystery question has been found.

Okay, we read week after week after week in the Cliffside Park Citizen about picking up after your dog is the law, but no where can it be found what is the fine. Many citys, towns and boroughs have ordinances pertaining to dog poop.

Attached to these ordinances are fines, here's a sampling:

San Francisco up to $320
NYC                        $250
Boston                     $  50
Chicago                   $500 max.
Baltimore, MD        $1,000
Hoboken, NJ           $2,000 max.

Ah! let me visit the  Boroughs website there you will find all ordinances. 

CLIFFSIDE              Ordninace # 7-4-6, excerpt.
PARK                       "not to exceed one thousand ($1,000) or imprisonment for a period not to
                                     exceed 90 days or both."

To read the entire ordinance titled Dogs and Animal waste click here Ordinance 7-4 revised 2005.

Who else is curious how many tickets have been issued, and how much money in fines have been collected and or person(s) have gone to prision for up to 90 days.



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