Monday, October 15, 2012

Come See Gordo... At WoofStock 2012 Amazing Recovery

Gordo walking and running, yeah!!!!

Three weeks after surgery, Gordo went to a private home and was taken to River Pet for therapy 3 times a week the first week and 2 times a week after he showed amazing improvement.  He is now walking and actually running and THANK THE LORD urinating without any difficulty.  From the depths of despair, we are looking forward to a normal life ahead for the thankful little fellow thanks to the generosity of so many who cared and the diligent work done at River Pet under the direction of Dr.Karen Zelinski as well as follow up health care from Animal General in Edgewater.  
Gordo's foster is finding it difficult to transfer his care as her setup is perfect for him.  SO Gordo is probably going to have a forever home right there.

He can be seen next Sunday the 28th at Woofstock in Tenafly, (see attached flyer above)  New Jersey along with Daniel the beagle who walked out of  southern gas chamber, flown up north and saved by Pet Res Q Inc and Eleventh Hour Rescue.