Saturday, January 19, 2013

2012 Income Season in my Home Town

 In my Home Town, Liberty Tax

Buy foot or by car you find yourself on Anderson Avenue in Cliffside Park and you see a few staples like Millers Bakery, our crossing guard during the day and evening at the intersection of Anderson Avenue and Knox Avenue.  Pending which way you are going you pass others like Donna Gio's and Larry's Florist and then the store where you'll see a waving Lady Liberty greeting motorist and pedestrians. reminding us all it's income tax season and time to visit Liberty Tax.

Last year after years of preparing my own taxes I found out not only was I getting a refund like years past, but that I was entitled to State Taxes in both New Jersey and New York where I work, thank you John Clifford the one of many individuals working at Liberty Tax.   It's worth the extra dollars to have a professional to prepare your taxes, trust me on that.

Items to bring with you, not sure give Liberty Tax a call 201-943-6062, if working, even part-time and on SSI or SSDI , your W-2 and your SSA 1099, and all 1099's, your 1098's, tax forms, No! they have all of these and can file electronic, ah and yes a voided check so that the refund can be direct-deposited into your checking account.

Happy Tax season all. , your Neighborhood Activist

Friday, January 11, 2013

Message for United States Congress

Fellow Americans I don't know about you but I'm soon to be 54 years of age and am fed up in the snails pace and bickering and tactics of our elected officials in Washington DC, presently the 113th Congress of the United States  These are the folks who are supposed to be solving our problems.

Have you ever watched War Games staring Matthew Broderick in it revolves around a computer generated game that puts our Counties level of defense readiness into  whats referred to as  the DEFCON System.  Imagine if each of us could rate their happiness via a website and the website does one function tallies and comes up with a citizen defcon system.  It's like a report card letting Congress what their grade is.

I have shared this visual with friends, its me at the steps of the Congress with an poster with a message to our leaders, it's a protest and it's just me, the message is work harder or clean out and lets put others willing to work together in Bipartisanship.

The visual, is an enema bottle seen at the top of today's article.