Monday, February 11, 2013

Storm Nemo in my hometown of Cliffside Park, NJ

 Morning of the storm, like many before-- you can hear the plows, snow blowers, shovels and this army of residents and neighbors all out carving out walkways, their sidewalks and roadways.  This roving community activist out with his camera snapping photos, greeting everyone with a, "morning neighbor," as so many I know and have met this year at my new apartment  at the Cliffside Park Housing Authoritry or the locals, the campus, run by one of our own Joseph Capano,PHM Executive Director, a.k.a "Joe"

This morning I step out the door and who do I greet the staff and Joe and his young son Enzo, a father and son team, sorry Joe, the picture was blurred. I would have loved to share it with all, especially your son who some day will remember that morning and this man who hosts this website and his blog found on the site under the LETTERS button, oh well next storm.    The photo reminded me of my dad who at 82 still outside shoveling with his son, me doing the driveway, sidewalk and front of the house, his task the rear steps leading to the garage, my dad known as "Augie."     
Augie, RIP December 10, 2010
Father and Son, how many other father and sons were out that morning, readers if you have any photo's send them to me at Founded in 1996 is the foundation of my writing, a hobby that landed me a short stint as a Freelance write for America-On-Line, AOL, Digital City Boston.  I left Boston in 2001 after selling my home to take care of my Dad, well we took care of one another.  Like Boston, I'm now back in my hometown doing what I love best, engaging with friend and neighbors of the Back Bay NAG
Our new pasture is
Thank you neighbors, Joe and Andrew and the two dozen others I met this past Saturday morning, referred to the Storm Nemo