Monday, May 6, 2013


Dear Neighbors:

For those just moving here welcome, for some like me who came in the early 70's, and the historians still around, and trust me they are still here. I found this on YouTube and thought you would like to view it as well. You notice an old fire house (it's still there) and the Episcopal Church at the intersection of Riverview and Palisade Avenue. Can you pick out others.

When you view the clip you will see references to Grantwood, from what I've found, "
Grantwood is a name used for an a part of town, taken from Grant's Tomb, located on the opposite shore of the river."

Enjoy the post, next time your on a bike, in your car, on the 156 or 159 NJ Transit buses see images from the clip and think back.


Stephen A. Puibello,
Founder Friends and Neighbors of theBack Bay NAG.
Neighborhood Action GroupCommunity Activist since 1996