Thursday, September 12, 2013

I Can Remember When I First Met Mayor Calabrese

slide show, courtesy of Stephen Puibello, Resident

September 12, 2013

Grand Opening 
Dedication Ceremony 
of the
Cliffside Park 
 Senior Activity Center 
and Administrative Offices 
at the 
 Gerald A. Calabrese

Dedicated to:
Mayor Gerald A. Calabrese
1959 - Present

Thank You Mayor from the residents of 500-550 Gorge Road

Special thanks to:

Joseph Capano, PHA
Executive Director

James Santasiero, PHA

Assistant Executive Director 

I can remember first meeting Mayor Calabrese, we shared the elevator one afternoon, he was heading to his office, I was heading to pay the taxes for my dad, I said hello Mayor.  I never thought one day I would be contributing my photo essay of the construction of the new Senior Activity Center  which I use myself as I'm one of the 900 people who reside as well as volunteer in what we call "the campus."  

The Campus, has a new name, one fitting to the person who  through "his vision and determination to provide housing for senior citizens and disabled individuals in 1969 led him to approach HUD for Federal Funds to bring his vision to fruition," this being the Gerald A. Calabrese Complex at 500-550 Gorge Road, Cliffside Park. source: (Grand Opening and Dedication Ceremony Program, September 12, 2013). 

I started this snapping pictures before construction, I used the photo of the building that's in my lobby and ended the slide show with the actual building.  Thanks to Joseph Capano "Joe" the Executive Director after seeing what I had started, granted me permission to gain access to continue with my theme of before and after.  Joe arranged for Frank Merchand, Director of Operations to take me for a tour of the interior when it was starting to take shape inside, and the later when it was completed when both Joe and Frank gave me a tour to complete my photo essay, thank you both.                                       

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