Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cliffside Park Town Centre Update, Until then support our Local Merchants

With warm weather last weekend, on my way to Rite Aide I saw two old timers looking in one of the many port holes offering passer by's the invite to look in and see the progress.  I asked when do you think it will be finished, the reply was I hope in my life time.  This sentiment isn't just for our old timers, but of the many businesses along Anderson Avenue, town center , not misspelled, just not the posh French Centre used in the sale to all those who will reside there..

In looking back in previous articles in the Cliffside Park Citizen, I found the following.

In 2010, "Months leading up to the November 2010 election, campaign literature was boasting that the work will be begun"

On May 11, 2012, " John D, Mitchell Chairman of the Board of Chosen Freeholders and a Cliffside Park Resident said, ""the patience of residents and business owners is running thin.""

Here we are today, March 14, 2014 Title reads: "Should be ready October 2015, says Maer"  (source: North Jersey.Com).

The meaning of the word should, implies let's hope for the best,

How do you know our local businesses are hurting, count the number of them selling NJ State Lottery, marketed to merchants to generate badly needed foot traffic until the "pit" is no more.

How can  residents help, pick a night to dine once a week or every other week.  What should local Merchants do, organize a Cliffside Park Local Chamber of Commerce

Our elected officials provide up to date information, please visit and visit the many helpful Quick Links.

We all are awaiting the completion, until then get out and support our merchants, if unable to get out many deliver.

I'm a resident activist in  Cliffside  Park with 17 years experience.  In addition to this blog on civics, I'm a Consumer Activist, Educator, Certified Peer to Peer Specialist on mental health and HIV.  In 2013 I was awarded a Behavioral Health Fellowship , I'm available to speak publicly and one on one about both. 

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